Harley Davidson®
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All repairs to Harley® frames and swing arms, vintage to current year, are performed utilizing our extensive assortment of Harley specific jigs and fixtures. Repair of pads, forward control mounts, backbones, posts, pivots, tails, and strut mounts, are all performed to "factory service spec." or no charge. Additionally, we repair stretched/distorted headstocks that no longer support the stem bearing race properly. We also perform rake alterations to OEM Harley frames that, upon completion, are virtually undetectable -- no cuts, no grind marks, or obtrusive welds. Call for details.

We take great pride in our tree, crown, and fork repairs-all performed to factory service spec. We perform expert repair on springer forks with the same exacting standards as our frame, swing arm, and wheel straightening.

1645 Silica Ave. Sacramento, Ca. 95815
Tue-Fri: 9-5, Sat 9-3

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