BMW & Ducati

To certify that your BMW frame is geometrically correct and handles as good as new, your frame is repaired on tooling designed just for BMW. We check each completed frame utilizing the BMW factory frame checking jig.

Ducatis are repaired in our Ducati repair section with jigs, fixtures, and tooling, specific to Ducati. Ultra precision repairs insure your Ducati will be race track or mountain road ready.

BMW and Ducati frames (call prior to shipping) can be shipped to us via UPS or FedEx, repaired to factory specifications, and returned to your door ready for assembly. BMW and Ducati front fork assemblies (all years and models, including earles) can be shipped to us, repaired to factory specifications, and returned to you ready to assemble and ride. All repairs are performed to factory service specifications or there is no charge

Whether modern or vintage, we have the proper tooling to effect the highest quality of repair.

1645 Silica Ave. Sacramento, Ca. 95815
Tue-Fri: 9-5, Sat 9-3

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