The Frame Man, LLC has been located in Sacramento for almost 40 years. We straighten and repair bent frames, fork parts, swing arms, wheels, rotors, axles, pivot bolts, and steering stops. We perform expert crack repair including restoration of the "texture" in the welded area. Additionally, we repair head stocks that have distorted and no longer support the head/stem bearings. Because we are specialized to straightening only, our tooling and skills are at the highest level. By utilizing a combination of mechanical, optical, and laser measuring devices, we attain the highest precision level of repairs in the industry. We are dedicated and committed to providing you with the absolute best service in the motorcycle community.

Hours: Tue-Fri: 9-5, Sat 9-3

1645 Silica Ave. Sacramento, Ca. 95815
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916/920-1010 916/927-9712

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